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There is no greater gift than being a part of a soul's journey, on their path of great awakening, in their now moment. Whether it's a release of a past life trauma, a current incarnate experience, to feel love in it's infinite forms is one of the highest honours. This is my soul mission. To be in service to the divine, to connect to you and your soul on their journey.


About Tereza

Tereza is a soul intuitive & energetic stream of consciousness for the highest frequencies of love, joy, and beauty. As an intuitive, through her work she helps individuals consciously shift into new energies and transform their lives in extraordinary ways. Her sacred work is deeply rooted in the wisdom imparted by revered healers, with whom she has had the privilege of mentoring with.
She has been trained in KES (Krystic Energy System®), Neo- Shamanism, Energy Healing, Reiki, Initiate from the Rose Lineage of the Magdalene and Mystery School.  She excels in working with the intricate Bio-Energy field, skillfully releasing blockages and core wounds to restore balance within the energy body. Through personalized sessions or immersive group settings, she joyfully shares her gifts, traversing the realms of healing arts and spiritual growth. 


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Krystic Energy System®  1 . 1  Session

Empowering and restoring your personal energy signature and clearing any imprinted programs not serving you that are stored at your energetic anatomy or DNA template. This adjusts how consciousness and DNA work together. People can end up in looping patterns if they talk about their issues for too long, it is essential to clear the problem at its energetic core.

During this session we will set up a sacred container in person, or online and connect with the Cosmic Kryst to help align you with your highest timeline. You will receive deep and practical insight & guidance into your Higher Selfs perspectives. Allowing for shifts of expanded consciousness, while releasing energetic patterns and programs in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies that no longer serve.

Krystic Energy System® Group Session 

Collectively, we open up a more extensive network and channel of energy to rapidly raise our light quotient and inner awakening. Furthermore, these group sessions work through all the receivers ancestors, all their soul lines and soul family tree. The multifaceted quantum healing work therefore effects and works on the whole collective group including ancestors where one person equals their entire ancestral genealogy, one person equals the entire expression of their soul tree.

This all takes place by accessing the Quantum Field, where obstacles and old programming is transmuted. These sessions are designed for individuals who are ready for deeper spiritual acceleration, optimum health and well-being. 


Krystic Energy System® Vaccine Clearing 

Through this KES Clearing protocol, the entire vaccination can energetically be completely erased from one's system, including all potential long term side effects, and the system restored to where it was prior to any nano interference.  

This protocol has been in the making for 10 months due to the nature and complexity of its many working parts. It was necessary for us to create a complete profile and overview of all of the frequencies, energies, intentions ect of the various types of vaccines in all of the different countries around the world, in order to be able to program, these mapped out frequencies into the clearing, so that a full and complete clearing could be achieved anywhere in the world.

Krystic Energy System®

I am so impressed by the way I am feeling today, the day after my Krystic Energy System healing transmission with Tereza. Before starting the session I felt unintegrated and ungrounded. The energies on this day were very papable as I could feel them on my skin like a blanket which made me very tired and sleepy and not in the flow. I no longer felt like a conduit of the energies nor rays of light moving through me. The Krystic Energy System with Tereza transformed that state immediately. Her beautiful soft angelic demeanor was very comforting as she connected to my unified field and performed the healing. I could feel the synergy of ray like energies in different parts of my being which at one point – I cried – she could see a past life issue that had never been cleared and then cleared it for me. Profound. I have also noticed that I am more psychically cognizant that my intuition is much stronger. I thank you Tereza for this phenomenal healing, even as I write this testimony I can still feel the divine energies supporting me to stand strong and grounded in my sovereignty. This has been a wonderful blessing.

Kryst'ina Alysen

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