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Your Quantum Energy Circle is a co-creation through the collective intent. Personal intentions from each person in the group can vary but they often serve as remedies for others, each carrying a puzzle piece coming together to complete a beautiful whole. Participants receive Karmic Clearing and Balance, Light Body Activations and Chakra Empowerments. Participants in these group circles continue to provide feedback, including continued heightened insights, expansion of consciousness, and a greater flow of joy and love into their lives.

  • Assist you in physical and emotional healing and activation

  • Provide greater Coherence with Source for insights, inspirations & enhanced intuition

  • Deeper Heart Coherence


  • Accelerate karmic removal for anyone who has been stuck in physical or emotional looping for possibly lifetimes


  • Heal inner traumas and core woundings


  • Clear away anxiety to feel more relaxed, centered and grounded 


  • Provide experience of deep calm and inner peace


  • Accelerate healing of physical and emotional conditions


  • Physical Body vitality and cellular nourishment


  • Building & strengthening your energy field and bio-circuitry


  • Wholeness for yourself, for humanity, for the entire planet

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