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My Story

Dear Beloveds,
As part of my service to the evolution of our species I am here to assist you in your personal evolution of consciousness and through that to live your dream life and create more of the frequency of joy and contentment on this planet. 
To live your dream life does not mean that it will be always perfect, blissful and there won't be any obstacles but what it does mean, is that you will find yourself in a space of fulfilment. You will find yourself walking your purpose and loving everything that you do. Living in the place and environment that you always wished for and the most important, living in a space of gratitude and joy from within, whatever your circumstances are. 
Through the experiences with all those cultures and with many different healers and  teachers, I have found the pathway into the "Sacred Heart" within my self. It made me understand that there is truly no separation; there is no right or wrong path. 
I made the choice that I could heal to the depth of my being, find strength and love within my self. Instead of running away and distracting my self,  isolated my self to truly be and sit with the depth of my pain and suffering and once I pierced through the depth of my being I could finally see and experience "True Love".
That Love can never be taken away.
Now I am here to assist you, in finding this space within, and taking you on a deep journey of healing (Whole-ing) remembrance, and joy. In whatever way it takes! Because it is who You are, this is who we are, and it is our birthright to be ALWAYS connected to our Sacred Heart, to the Source of all Life!!! 

I am so grateful to be able to serve Our Source and through that to serve YOU.

All My Love 


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