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Kundalini Yoga Class

Innerdance Kundalini Activation 

We are all connected, and everything is connected to us. This is a scientific fact.


We live in a world made up of atoms and molecules. We are made up from these same base elements. It’s the configuration of these atoms that makes the different structures around the reality we see.

We’re all energy. Every second, energy is being transferred within our bodies, from the synapses that spark in our brain to the electrical charges in our heart that keeps our blood flowing and so much more, our bodies are constantly generating energy. We’re a powerhouse of energy.

LIFE FORCE ENERGY - can’t see it, or touch it or taste it, its the subtle energy that flows through our bodies. Everyone's body. This energy moves through our bodies and animates our every action. providing life to keep forming not only the energy of our consciousness, but also regulating all of our conscious and unconscious bodily functions like our breath, digestion, blood flow, elimination, and cellular.

The foundation of all life is life-force energy. 

Kundalini energy is our life force energy at its truest potential.  

Kundalini has long been known as a divine force .  

As we allow our life force energy to flow freely through our body this allows for our kundalini energy to safely and naturally begin to rise.

For many years the word 'Kundalini' has blasted it's way across the world.

I don't refer to this energy healing through the lens of Kundalini Awakening/Rising, as there is much work that must be done before this kundalini energy can awaken and rise within. With true dedication to dissolving the minds conditioning, egos programming, dismantling stale belief patterns, regulating the nervous system, releasing trauma from the physical body and living from our heart, is then when the opportunity for kundalini energy to rise within a system. Not through force or bypassing. 

On this journey back to our truest self we can experience, like in an energy session here, or plant medicine ceremony or breathwork etc. - massive openings, realisations, profound feeling of energy move through our bodies, this is beautiful but may not mean your kundalini energy has risen fully.

I like to ground this seeking of kundalini awakening and invite an exploration of finding balance and harmony within self instead. We can start with beginning to understand, clear away and bring awareness to the energies, thoughts, beliefs, emotions that are blocking the river and flow of life force energy within you. 


Restored flow of life force energy throughout our being allows for optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Everyone's healing process and pace is personal and unique to them.

Here are some benefits people often share with me:

  • Unblocking, clearing, and purifying the system to feel the flow of life force within. Feeling of unrestricted and light

  • Relief from stress and anxiety. Calming affects of overall state of mind -  a sense of inner harmony.

  • Repatterning and breaking free from ancestral patterns that no longer serve.

  • Spaciousness in the body. Release of body tension and alleviating past injuries, reduced pain relief and improved physical well-being.

  • A shifting into higher levels of consciousness and vibration, expanded awareness and connection with themselves 

  • Emotional release, breakthroughs, and completion of trauma cycles leading to emotional freedom - finding thier voice - setting boundaries 

  • Increased awareness and the release of limited beliefs, empowering pure authentically and true essence.

  • Regulation of the different systems within the physical body, supporting optimal health and functioning. Re- balancing and recovery of the various systems within the physical body, including the endocrine, muscular, lymphatic, urinary, respiratory, digestive, integumentary, reproductive, skeletal, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

  • Heightened awareness of the body and mind. With balanced energy levels 

  • Experience of greater harmony within self, fostering self-acceptance, self-love, and inner peace. Remembrance of true self and purpose.

  • A natural renunciation of lower-frequency foods, habits, people, and environments that no longer serve thier higher well-being.

  • Assistance in shifting out of lower vibrational states, providing a pathway to healing, wholeness, and a higher frequency of being leading to a spiritual wake up and a deeper connection with the divine, experiencing a profound sense of oneness and interconnectedness with all existence.

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