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Krystic Energy System®

The Krystic Energy System® is a newly manifested technology that Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji brought from a future timeline of Earth’s Golden Age.

This celestial healing technology connects the practitioner to the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Earth fields of consciousness and frequency bandwidth, that allows the practitioner to go well beyond the context of healing. 


This Krystic Energy System® has been transported through time and is birthed from extensive knowledge of human light body and Golden Age Science. 


The Krystic Energy System® is not a modality. It is a multi-realm experience of merging and unifying with the Krystic Field to co-facilitate miracles. The KES is measurable the most advance energy healing/whole-ing system available.  

During any Krystic Energy Session®, the practitioner will apply and utilise the most advance, Highest Vibrational Spiritual Technology, Codes of Light, Ethereal Sound Harmonics, Vibrational Medicines that are made possible by deep communion with the Krystic Energy System® .


This may lead to karmic removal which may have been stuck in physical and emotional looping for possibly lifetimes and will accelerate greatly the receiver’s spiritual ascension. The protocols applied will also reconnect the receiver's physical  vessel to the original blueprint of the Divine Human vessel, thus enabling one to open up to future realities of the Golden Age in a far greater way.


It also reconnects one to one’s own Higher Self, true Self, and brings in more of one’s Soul’s light into the physical body. This enables the receiver to shine even brighter and become a beacon of ever greater light on this earth. 


The Krystic Energy System®  activates Bio-physical transmutation through the axis point of one’s Spiritual DNA and Bio-Energy Field.

And, the Krystic Energy System  connects one directly to the purest, most potent, most sacred and pristine energy field of consciousness.  It is a direct link to the Cosmic Kryst and Krystal Star.

The Krystic Energy System® has been known to assist in: 

  • Letting Go of Subconscious & Consciousness Beliefs & Patterns holding one back

  • Restoring Past Life Memories and Healing Karma

  • Increasing Light Cultivation for Greater Ascension

  • Balancing and advancing the DNA and RNA signaling

  • Bringing the body and all its subsequent energy bodies into perfect harmony

  • Eradicating illness, including those resistant to conventional treatments

  • Eliminating viruses at the deep cellular level

  • Bio Energetic Upgrades

  • Heal inner child wounds

  • Dismantle Core Energetic Wounds & Life Blocks

“The Krystic Energy System®  is a miraculous gift that is here to deliver humanity to the golden age.”


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