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One on One Kundalini Activation

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 88 Australian dollars
  • AU

Service Description

Kundalini energy is our life force energy at its truest potential. Kundalini has long been known as a divine force . ​ As we allow our life force energy to flow freely through our body this allows for our kundalini energy to safely and naturally begin to rise. ​ For many years the word 'Kundalini' has blasted it's way across the world. I don't refer to this energy healing through the lens of Kundalini Awakening/Rising, as there is much work that must be done before this kundalini energy can awaken and rise within. With true dedication to dissolving the minds conditioning, egos programming, dismantling stale belief patterns, regulating the nervous system, releasing trauma from the physical body and living from our heart, is then when the opportunity for kundalini energy to rise within a system. Not through force or bypassing. ​ On this journey back to our truest self we can experience, like in an energy session here, or plant medicine ceremony or breathwork etc. - massive openings, realisations, profound feeling of energy move through our bodies, this is beautiful but may not mean your kundalini energy has risen fully. ​ I like to ground this seeking of kundalini awakening and invite an exploration of finding balance and harmony within self instead. We can start with beginning to understand, clear away and bring awareness to the energies, thoughts, beliefs, emotions that are blocking the river and flow of life force energy within you. Restored flow of life force energy throughout our being allows for optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Everyone's healing process and pace is personal and unique to them.

Cancellation Policy

You are aware that this online session is taking place on AEST (Brisbane time) and you have personally checked that the time suits with the timezone you are currently in. You are aware that you must give 72 hrs notice if you want to reschedule your online session. You are aware, if you miss the session for any reason without notice or by mistake in timezone conversion, to attend another session, another space must be booked. Please honour and respect these boundaries and policies.Thank you.

Contact Details

  • Australia

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