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One on One Kundalini Innerdance

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 88 Australian dollars
  • AU

Service Description

Kundalini energy represents the purest form of our life force energy, often revered as a divine force. Allowing this energy to flow freely throughout our body paves the way for the safe and natural awakening of our Kundalini. Despite the widespread recognition of the term "Kundalini," it's crucial to approach energy healing without solely focusing on its awakening or rising. True transformation requires dedicated inner work, including dissolving conditioned beliefs, unraveling ego programming, and addressing deep-seated traumas. Only then can the opportunity for Kundalini energy to rise arise authentically, without force or bypassing. Throughout our journey toward self-realization, we may encounter profound experiences during practices like energy sessions, plant medicine ceremonies, or breathwork. However, these experiences alone may not signify a full awakening of Kundalini energy. Rather than solely seeking Kundalini awakening, I advocate for grounding this exploration in finding inner balance and harmony. This involves understanding, clearing, and bringing awareness to the energetic blockages hindering the natural flow of life force energy within us. When the flow of life force energy is restored, it nurtures optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Each individual's healing journey unfolds at a personal and unique pace, honouring their individual process and progress.

Cancellation Policy

You are aware that this online session is taking place on AEST (Brisbane time) and you have personally checked that the time suits with the timezone you are currently in. You are aware that you must give 72 hrs notice if you want to reschedule your online session. You are aware, if you miss the session for any reason without notice or by mistake in timezone conversion, to attend another session, another space must be booked. Please honour and respect these boundaries and policies. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • Australia

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